Extension on Post-Graduate Work Permit Time Limits

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International students are one of the key components of #Canada's future #immigrants and similar to other sectors, they have been significantly impacted by #COVID-19. It has been more difficult than ever to find a job during the pandemic, and many international students are worried about accumulating #Canadian_work_experience to facilitate #permanent_residency. 

In light of these concerns, a new temporary measure now allows international students to apply for an 18-month extension on their post-graduate work permit (#PGWP). This means international students have more time to find employment while preserving their legal status. 

Immigrate not only assists you in obtaining an 18-month open work permit, but also helps you find a job through the newly designed #Marketplace platform. 

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1. Your open work permit and all your future immigration applications will be processed through our unique software to speed up the process

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