Business Owner Success Stories #1- Randy’s Story

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The team at Immigrate have been very lucky to have the opportunity to work with a number of business owners who have been crucial in so many foreign workers starting their lives in Canada.

One of those business owners is Randy, who owns A&W in Kenora, Ontario. We took some time to chat with him and discuss the experience he had working with Immigrate and foreign talent.

Hiring Foreign Workers

Prior to working with Immigrate, Randy had not worked with foreign talent before, but he found his experience using an immigration consultant to be a “great way to get wonderful people.” 

Randy described the new employees he gained with the help of Dirk and the Immigrate team to be of the highest quality, very friendly and enthusiastic, and to be so thankful for the opportunity to work for him in Canada.

Working with the Immigrate Team

Of his experience working with the Immigrate team, Randy found Dirk to be especially helpful as the process was slightly overwhelming for someone who had not done this before. Dirk was able to arrange multiple video conferences with 12 candidates for Randy, as he found it important to meet his potential new employees face to face.

Through this interviewing process and with the team’s support, Randy was able to further narrow down these candidates and find the people he thought would fit in best at his business.

As helpful as Dirk was throughout this experience, he was not the only one who made the process so much easier.

Olga and Shomo were instrumental in putting any concerns Randy had at ease and were able to coordinate everything so simply and easily. Randy recounted how the two were so flexible and on the ball for him, and were available whenever he needed and for whatever he needed.

Randy went into further detail, saying, “They wanted to provide the services to work with my process. It was never a question of what I paid for - I got treated like I had the platinum VIP package. At no point did I get to a point where I was charged extra for getting the service even though I felt like they went above and beyond.

The Importance of Hiring Foreign Talent

The process of hiring foreign workers has been very valuable for Randy. 

He describes his new employees as having no problem fitting in and getting along with the other full time employees, and displaying consistent and eager attitudes. “They take real pride in their work,” he says.
Seeing the pride these foreign workers take in their craft is humbling, Randy says, and teaches one to truly appreciate the work they do in their trade.